I love Mexican food and all Latin cuisine. I could eat it for every meal. It’s affordable, flavorful, spicy, sweet, fresh and, especially where I live, extremely accessible. I am a mid-30’s white boy who moved to Chicago from a small Illinois farm town about 12 years ago. Having lived in various neighborhoods in the city, I’ve come to call Logan Square my home.

Logan Square is an evolving neighborhood on the city’s northwest side made up of many Mexican families, and immigrating hipsters. It’s nestled next to Humboldt Park, which is a predominately Puerto Rican neighborhood, with a growing hipster problem of its own. Mixed in the two neighborhoods are several other Hispanic populations, including Colombian, Cuban, Costa Rican, Salvadorian, Argentinian, Peruvian and others.

What this means to me, is I get to explore all of these cultures. What better way to do it, than through food? And, as I see it, what better way to judge a Latin restaurant than by its tacos? I love tacos. I make tacos out of everything. My favorite restaurant in Vegas is….the Pink Taco. My favorite pizza is…..yup, taco pizza. My favorite milkshake is….chocolate peanut butter…..because a taco milkshake would be kinda gross….SO…I’m going to try tacos at as many places as I can and document it all here, for very few peoples’ viewing pleasure.

Enjoy! Adios!

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