Top 10

1.  L’ Patron, Chicago, IL (Logan Square) – 9.0

2.  Big Star, Chicago, IL (Wicker Park) – 9.0

3.  Taqueria Moran, Chicago, IL (Logan Square) – 9.0

4.  Taco Joint: Urban Taqueria and Cantina, Chicago, IL (Lincoln Park) – 8.75

5.  Cemitas Puebla, Chicago, IL (Humboldt Park) – 8.5

6.  Antique Taco, Chicago, IL (Bucktown) – 8.5

7.  La Pasadita, Chicago, IL (Wicker Park) – 8.5

8.  Las Asadas, Chicago, IL (Bucktown) – 8.5

9.  Nuevo Leon, Chicago, IL (Pilsen) – 8.5

10.Tacos Chapala, Long Beach, CA (The LBC) – 8.5

The Rest…

El Segundo Sol, Las Vegas, NV (The Strip) – 8.5

Tio Luis Tacos, Chicago, IL (Brighton Park) – 8.5

El Habanero, Chicago, IL (Logan Square) – 8.5

La Chaparrita Grocery, Chicago, IL (Little Village) – 8.5

Picante Taqueria, Chicago, IL (Wicker Park) – 8.5

Taqueria Perejil, Chicago, IL (Logan Square) – 8.25

Don Chema Restaurant, Chicago, IL (Logan Square) – 8.25

Zacatacos, Bridgeview, IL (Southwest Suburbs) – 8.25

Taco Surf, Surfside, CA (Orange County) – 8.0

Pueblo Nuevo, Chicago, IL (Portage Park) – 8.0

Tony’s Burrito Mex, Chicago, IL (Roscoe Village) – 8.0

Cafe El Tapatio, Chicago, IL (Lakeview) – 8.0

El Cid, Chicago, IL (Logan Square) – 8.0

Carnicerias Guanajuato, Chicago, IL (Avondale) – 8.0

Del Seoul, Chicago, IL (Lincoln Park) – 8.0

El Puerto Mexican Restaurant, Fox Lake, IL (Chain O’ Lakes) – 7.75

Bullhead Cantina, Chicago, IL (Humboldt Park) – 7.75

Tierra Caliente, Chicago, IL (Wicker Park) – 7.75

Tierra Caliente #2, Chicago, IL (Logan Square) – 7.75

Taqueria El Milagro, Chicago, IL (Pilsen) – 7.75

Taqueria Guerrero, Indio, CA (Coachella Valley) – 7.5

De Cero Taqueria, Chicago, IL (West Loop) – 7.5

Zacatecas, Chicago, IL (Logan Square) – 7.5

Taqueria El Asadero, Chicago, IL (North Center) – 7.5

Panchero’s Mexican Grill, Iowa City, Iowa (Hawkeyes) – 7.5

Jefferson Social, Cincinnati, OH (The Banks) – 7.5

Jalapeno Grill, Chicago, IL (Logan Square) – 7.5

Takito Kitchen, Chicago, IL (Ukranian Village) – 7.5

Turbo Tacos, Chicago, IL (Logan Square) – 7.5

Irazu, Chicago, IL (Bucktown) – 7.5

Chicken Run Campeche Restaurant, Chicago, IL (Logan Square) – 7.5

Tacos Garcias, Chicago, IL (Logan Square) – 7.5

Jack & Ginger’s, Chicago, IL (Bucktown) – 7.0

Taco El Jaliscience, Chicago, IL (Humboldt Park) – 7.0

The Tamale Spaceship, Chicago, IL (Wicker Park) – 7.0

Señor Jefe, Elmwood Park, IL (Concordia University-ish) – 7.0

La Primavera, Moline, IL (Quad Cities) – 7.0

Mariscos Jalisco, Los Angeles, CA (Boyle Heights) – 7.0

Tropi Cuba, Chicago, IL (Logan Square) – 7.0

Qdoba Mexican Grill, River Forest, IL (Western Chicago Suburb) – 7.0

Lazo’s Tacos, Chicago, IL (Bucktown) – 7.0

Birrieria Reyes de Ocoltlan, Chicago, IL (Pilsen) – 6.5

Rustica Fabrizzio’s Restaurant, Aguas Calientes, Peru (Machu Picchu) – 6.5

Tecalitlan Restaurant, Chicago, IL (Ukranian Village) – 6.5

Puebla Restaurant & Taqueria, Chicago, IL (Logan Square) – 6.5

Oyamel, Washington, D.C. (Judiciary Square) – 6.5

Las Brisas #2, Santa Ana, CA (Orange County) – 6.5

Pinches Tacos, Santa Monica, CA (Santa Monica Place) – 6.5

Restaurant El Charro, Chicago, IL (Logan Square) – 6.5

Las Cazuelas, Santa Ana, CA (Orange County) – 6.5

Taqueria Los Comales #11, Chicago, IL (Logan Square) – 6.5

Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant, Dolton, IL (Southside Suburbs) – 6.0

Mitad del Mundo, Chicago, IL (Logan Square) – 6.0

Taco John’s, Maquoketa, IA (Maquoketa Caves) – 6.0

Arturo’s Tacos, Chicago, IL (Bucktown) – 6.0

2 Amigo’s Restaurant, Chicago, IL (Logan Square) – 6.0

Flash Taco, Chicago, IL (Bucktown) – 6.0

El Compadre Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA (Hollywood) – 6.0

Pink Taco, Las Vegas, NV (Hard Rock Hotel) – 5.5

Taco Fresco, Chicago, IL (Loop) – 5.5

Real Tenochtitlan, Chicago, IL (Logan Square) – 5.0

Rudy’s Tacos, East Moline, IL (Quad Cities) – 5.0

Taqueria Teloloapan, Chicago, IL (Logan Square) – 5.0

Mario’s Tacos, Blue Island, IL (Southside Chicago Suburb) – 4.5

El Paisano Tacos, Chicago, IL (Wicker Park) – 3.5

The Munch, Hurley, WI (Northwoods) – 2.0


12 thoughts on “THE LIST

  1. Mike Van Hulle

    Rudy’s Tacos in last place! What are these shenanigans? I cannot trust a blog that does not respect the muy autentico yellow cheese from the quad cities (if you say it right there is a pretty tight rhyme there). In all seriousness, I’m surprised it got a 5..Big Star is awesome. Give Amigo Chino west of Portage Park a try.

    • I’m not out to crush anyone’s hopes, dreams or feelings. Rudy’s has good food, in my opinion, but the tacos leave something to be desired…I’ll try Amigo Chino and hopefully I’ll agree with you and can cheer you up…

  2. Ok, Mike. I found a worse place. You happy?

  3. I have 2 questions:
    1. Will there ever be a 10.0 rating?
    2. The first 2 spots have the same rating. Why is L’Patron #1 and Big Star #2?

    • 1. There will be a 10.0 when I find one.
      2. Even though some spots may have the same rating (i.e. 8.5), I put them in order of what I think is best. I just didn’t want to do 8.6 and stupid stuff like that.

  4. mike hansen

    am i missing something? Los Comales. its a must! #3 in pilsen is by far the best.(of 16 locations) get there! cecina cecina cecina cecina. who needs versace!?

    • Hey, thar! Clearly, I’m the one missing something. I’ll put it on my wish list and head down there when I can. Cecina it is! Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. mike hansen

    also, la puebla, just because its in Logan and open like 24 hours -or close to it- very solid place.

  6. mike hansen

    and no, thank you for all your suggestions. Ive been to maybe half or less, but all your reviews are right on! absolutely love this blog and will model my wing one after this one! and many others, i just love to eat! PS- forgotto mention Puebla above, sells booze until like 5am also!

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