lazo’s tacos

The main event.

Let’s face it, when you’re faced with what place to go at 3:00 in morning on Saturday night, it’s not “Artur’s or Lazo’s”. For most people, it’s “Arturo’s vs Lazo’s”. So…

When I ordered, I tried to get as close to the same thing that I did at Arturo’s. At Arturo’s, I had the carne asada, carnitas and camaron. Lazo’s doesn’t have a camaron, so I got a carne asade, carnitas, and pescado.

While the carnitas at Lazo’s is still on the dry side, it’s nothing like their counterpart’s next door (it sucks all of the moisture out of your mouth, like that thingy at the dentist). The carne asada was much better than Arturo’s. The meat was juicier, and had a little more grill flavor. The pescado was similar to the camaron at Artur’s. The fish had a nice taste, but the taco didn’t bring anything else to the party.

Winner: Lazo’s

This half-moon tomato slice and lettuce thing is more widely used than I thought.

Break it down for me fellas:

  • Location:  2009 N. Western Ave., Chicago, IL (Bucktown)
  • Tourists:  Josh, Glen

    Glen stole that truck, then picked up some homeless kids and took them to the circus…is that wrong?

  • Tacos sampled:  carne asada, carnitas, pescado (also have picadillo, pollo, chorizo, frijoles, al pastor, vegetariano, barbacoa, lengua, chile relleno, and lomo)
  • Toppings:  onions and cilantro or lettuce and tomato and lime
  • Salsa: salsa roja (lil’ chunky) and salsa verde
  • Extras:  chips
  • Tortillas:  corn
  • Atmosphere:  lots of seating, 24 hours, quick to serve, slow to bill
  • Price: $1.95-$2.95/taco
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