pepe’s mexican restaurant


10. It looks stupid.

10. It looks stupid.

With over 50 locations in Chicagoland and Northern Indiana, Pepe’s is a prevalent competitor in the local taco scene. At least, numbers wise. I happen to work near a couple of Pepe’s and thought I’d give the Dolton location a chance while on lunch (yup, like real people get to do!) with a few fellow teachers. Why not give the one a try that’s just a few miles from where I work?

Well, there are several reasons why. But, in the name of everyone’s sanity, I’ll keep it short.

1. The food isn’t good.

2. The people there are unfriendly.

3. They tried to charge my friend $1 for a cup of water.

4. Their soft corn tortillas (I’m guessing) are supposed to be lightly fried. Instead, they just drip oil. It’s as if they dunked the tortilla in room-temperature vegetable oil. Could be used as a lubricant or massage sponge, though.

5. It takes a really long time to get your food. Even when you’re just ordering tacos and there aren’t any other patrons around.

6. There are Mexican workers, serving up beef tacos that taste like they were made with the seasoning packet and water, with a straight face.

7. They serve “stuffed” tacos, which are just two soaking-wet floppy tortillas with some melted cheese in between. Stuffed with oil.

8. The al pastor tacos come with a nickel-bag of pork. Even my five pound Pomeranian couldn’t get full off three of these.

9. The steak tacos aren’t too bad. Sorry, I’m not a total diva.

Look at all that pork...

Look at all that pork…

Basically, this place ain’t great. Let’s move on to the next stop…

  • Location:  536 East Sibley Blvd., Dolton, IL (Southside Suburbs)
  • Tourists:  Josh, Quinn, Brian, George
  • Tacos sampled:  steak, al pastor, beef stuffed (also have chicken, guacamole, veggie, Jalisco steak and steak or chicken fajita tacos)
  • Toppings:  lettuce, tomato and cheese; onions and cilantro
  • Salsa:  salsa rojo and Pepe’s hot sauce
  • Extras:  chips, pickled veggies
  • Tortillas:  soft corn, hard corn, soft flour
  • Atmosphere:  empty, rude, slow, dirty, sketchy
  • Price:  $2.15-$3.65/taco
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2 thoughts on “pepe’s mexican restaurant

  1. Hi Taco Tourist. It’s Pepe. Come back and say this shit to my face, meng. Vaya

    • Weird. Pepe, you have the same email address as a friend of mine. Anyway, I guess I’ll have to come down to Florida, and say it to your face.

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