jack & ginger’s

Go Hawkeyes!!

Go Hawkeyes!!

Here’s the deal. I go to Jack & Ginger’s with a group of fellow geniuses (geneia?) every Wednesday for their trivia night. I calculated that in the past 100 Wednesdays, I’ve gone to Jack & Ginger’s 92 times. It’s a sportsy type of bar with decent food, good specials, great service (Katie!) and a nice beer garden.

I’ve eaten about every item on their menu, and yes, tacos are included. I’ve mulled over whether or not to review their tacos because it’s not really a taco place. Not only that, but its patrons are mostly white. Eww. What do they know about tacos?

But, should that stop me from writing about Jack & Ginger’s tacos? Are we not at a place in our nation’s history where we aren’t racist toward white people anymore? What have they ever done? Who have they ever hurt?

Oh, right. Well, I decided to review Jack & Ginger’s tacos anyway…

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up. The beef taco is extremely average. It lacks any real bite and the seasoning is a little weak. It’s certainly not bad tasting, but it’s just a little basic on flavor. The smoked, dark salsa that comes with the tacos, though is very tasty. It’s chunky and a bit spicy.

The fish tacos are perty darned good. The fish is tasty and deep fried without too much of a batter. The red pepper adds a nice crunch, along with the cabbage and cilantro. The only negative would be the overuse of Cholula ranch. It’s a nice addition, but there’s just too much on the taco. Still an admirable taco, though.

The chicken taco is a very good taco. To me, it’s the star of the taco menu. The meat is marinated in an adobo-style sauce that keeps the chicken very moist. The onions, cilantro and lettuce give it a nice crunch and the goat cheese adds a nice tangy finish. All things considered, no matter where you are, this is a pretty good taco!

Ok, now I promise no more whitey for a while….Jack & Ginger's tacos

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Location:  2048 W. Armitage Ave., Chicago, IL (Bucktown)
  • Tourists:  Josh, Julia, Quinn, Jason, Glen, Nikki, Dan, Melanie, Steve
  • Tacos sampled:   beef, chicken, and fish
  • Toppings:   onions, cilantro, lettuce, sour cream (and goat cheese on the chicken)
  • Salsa:  roasted, dark salsa
  • Extras:   none
  • Tortillas:   corn
  • Atmosphere:   bar, sports, trivia, beer garden, caucasian, Hawkeyes
  • Price: $6.95/3 tacos ($7.95 for the fish)
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