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Taco's? Taco is? Do the tacos own something?

Taco’s? Taco is? Do the tacos own something?

Some dudes and I go fishing every year up to the Northwoods in northern Wisconsin. It’s a mecca for outdoorsmen: hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, RTV’ing, lumber work, lakes, pine trees, bald eagles….yadi yadi yada. None of us, however, quite fit the bill as an outdoorsman. We enjoy ourselves, nonetheless.

Not far from our lake is a small town of 1,500 called Hurley. Ninety-Eight percent of Hurley residents come from one of two ethnic groups: white or white trash…most of them from the latter. Hurley is known for Silver Street, a main street that runs north and south through town. In this small section of Hurley, there are about 25 bars and 6 gentleman’s clubs, along with a casino a few miles down the road. Sounds great, right?

Well, it is and it isn’t.

It’s certainly a spectacle to see. Where else can you find a dancer with a knee brace….or stretch marks….or bruises up and down her legs….or a good ole fashioned muffin top? Good, bad, gross, despicable….they’re all entertaining.

What does this have to do with tacos? Well, EVERYONE in town tells you that you HAVE to eat at the Munch. “Their tacos are the best!” “You have to try their sauce (not salsa, sauce)!” “It’s the best sauce ever!”

So, we went to the Munch, which boasts a sign that says they have served over 1 million tacos. How could 1 million tacos be wrong?

The Munch is basically a bar, that happens to serve tacos. In the Northwoods, though, that’s a taco joint. Their menu, in its entirety, consists of beef tacos. Hard shell or soft shell. That’s it. Kinda like the In-N-Out Burger of tacos.

So, how are they?

They are absolutely terrible. The beef is soooo plain. Those taco packets you can get at Aldi are 1 million times better that the seasoning on the Munch’s tacos. They are topped with lettuce, tomato, and cheese, along with a sour cream packet (remember that white trash part?!?). But, the sauce. What about the sauce?

The sauce tastes Italian and is nothing more than some watered down tomato paste, along with too much sugar. It’s too sweet and has absolutely no spice. It’s almost as if no Hispanic people live within 200 miles of here….oh, wait.

Both kinds.

Both kinds.

To sum things up: I would say the Munch’s tacos, along with their coveted sauce, are on par with the entertainment in town.


  • Location:  201 Silver St., Hurley, WI (Northwoods)
  • Tourists:  Josh, Justin, Gunner, Glen, Travis, Tyler, Paul, Mike
  • Tacos sampled:  beef
  • Toppings:  lettuce, tomatoes, cheese (sour cream packet on the side)
  • Salsa:  red sauce
  • Extras:  none
  • Tortillas:  corn hard shell, flour soft shell
  • Atmosphere:  hicks, uglies, dummies, bar, small town
  • Price:  $1.25/hard shell; $1.50/soft shell
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8 thoughts on “the munch

  1. Nicholas Lahti

    Nice way to degrade a small town…. Your comments make you seem like the normal, biased ass. I pity the way you judge a whole town. Hope your life gets better as you judge from your post.

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  3. Anthony TV

    You really make your review more about the town and residents, not to mention the incorrect way you try to generalize then as white trash. I’m not surprised that you don’t like the food when you start off the way you do. Overall you are very unprofessional.

    • First of all…you’re correct. I AM very unprofessional. Good catch. You also imply the people of Hurley had nothing to do with the food sucking. Correct again. The food just sucks on its own. But you were also incorrect by saying I tried to generalize the people of Hurley as white trash. I DID generalize them as white trash. Now, a little side note. I, too, am white trash. Kinda the ole ‘takes one the know one.’

  4. N. Toby

    They’ve sold millions of taco’s so they must be doing something right!!!!

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